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A Powerful Network

One of the greatest assets you can create as a business owner is a powerful network. I am not talking about a cheesy even where people drink free booze and hand out business cards. I am talking about strategic partnerships and strong business relationships who actively and purposefully refer business to one another as well as become a resource for excellent services.

As A Business Owner

I am pulled in many directions and have to wear many hats at one time. I am focused on building my team, my brand, and my reach while trying to push into new markets, monitor quality outcomes, communicate to clients, and on and on and on.

With all of these responsibilities on my mind, that thought of going to networking events and shaking hands and then setting up a hundred follow up meetings isn't the most effective use of my time. It may work well for my sales team but fo an owner I want to be focused on a higher level and higher producing networking.

The In-House Method

Is a very purposeful and practical approach to networking that can be completed in the span of a monthly luncheon. Once a month we meet over lunch with only business owners and high-level management. We each take a few minutes to present our products and services and tell the rest of the group what we are looking for in a new client. Then each member tries to think of at least one warm handoff or introduction they can make for each person at the table.

It's effective, its efficient and it's a nice time. You will make and build successful relationships that will last a lifetime.