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Public Relations

Is the practice of managing the spread of information between an individual or an organization and the public.

The Marketing Plan

Everyone will tell you that you absolutely have to have one. Few of the people who say that, however, are able to tell you what exactly a marketing plan consists of. Creating a marketing plan for your small business shouldn’t take you a few hours. Ideally, it should take you at least a few days to do the research and have the necessary discussions — potentially even a few weeks depending on factors like the size of your market and the uniqueness of your product line(s). The following article may help you in developing your marketing plans.

Just like advertising

PR can conjure images of agents with a silver tongue covering up a celebrity scandal. Public relations are far from that and can shape your consumers’ image of you and keep them informed of what you’re doing. PR is about getting your brand in front of the people in front of your desired consumers. Having built relationships with influencers and media outlets we find the people that are looking for interesting and important things for their audiences. If you don’t let people know what you’re doing they can’t share the news. Advertising is a one-off campaign, public relations are a regular update to keep your business front of mind.