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Reputation Management

Reputation Management a crossover service that touches on Brand management, marketing, and public relations.

Reputation management evolved through the 60’s and 70’s through marketing and public relations and was mostly publicity stunts put on by marketing firms to try to convey an image of a company. It then developed into a response to a crisis or bad publicity as a way of trying to change public perception for brands or public figures who had made mistakes. However, as things have developed and with the ever-increasing growth of the internet, social media, review websites, and search engines, reputation management has become an essential part of the everyday activity for a company to thrive in today’s market.

Make no mistake, they are talking about you, what is important is that you actively be a part of the conversation or better yet, help to control the narrative.

Long gone are the days where a website is enough to creating and maintaining an online presence. In this industry, yesterday is behind the times. It is imperative to be proactive in your reputation and stay ahead of social media, reviews, customer experience, and have a solid idea of how to approach issues as they arise.