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Search Engine Optimization or SEO is not just one thing.

It is defined as:

The combined efforts of art and science executed in such a way as to pursued search engines such as Google, Baidu, Bing, and Yahoo to recommend a webpage as the best solution for a search result.

Search Engine Optimization SEO

Good SEO will make you visible to the search engines - Great SEO Gives You An Online Presence.

There is, of course, a very technical side to SEO. It is the science part that matches certain criteria to meet the algorithms of the search engines. The art comes into play when the technical work is done in such a way that it gives your brand a voice, look, and overall vibe while still standing out and making your site visible on multiple platforms.

It is at this cross-section of science and art that In House Marketing thrives. We dig deeper into making your business a brand that is recognized and trusted. We help to find and give a voice to your brand by providing unique content that is engaging, well researched, and specific to attracting your potential clientele.

"To stay in the sights of the modern consumer you need to be visible and in order to capture their attention you need to be engaging. If you want to keep them coming back you need to be consistent".

As search engines have evolved, algorithms have been created to make the search more suited to the searcher. These algorithms make you walk a fine line between a website that helps you climb the search ladder and one that excludes you from search results altogether. We can guide you through the algorithms to give you the best outcome and get you in the eyes of your consumers.

We can also prepare them to make a purchasing decision while simultaneously make your website look great. Contact Us Today to start building your online presence.